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An official sister publication of MIS Quarterly, MISQE invites authors to submit papers based on in-depth research that provide rich stories, unique insights, and useful conceptual frameworks for information systems practice. Our target audience includes both practitioners and researchers - so that MISQE can stimulate ongoing discussions at the intersection of research and practice - but our primary focus is research that is immediately relevant and useful for practice.

To submit an article for consideration, please use our online review system.


  • Call for papers for the Pre-ICIS MISQ Executive (MISQE) workshop and MISQE Special Issue on Strategies for surviving and thriving within and between digital platforms. Information can be downloaded here.

  • Submit your work to the ICIS 2020 Track on Practice-Oriented IS Research . The track is chaired by Sunil Mithas, and Priya Seetharaman, and many of our Senior Editors are Associate Editors. Submitting to the track is a great way to get early feedback as you prepare your work for MISQ Executive

  • Submit your work to the HICSS 2021 Minitrack on Practice-Oriented IS Research. The track is chaired by Bill Kettinger, Gabe Piccoli, Ester Gonzalez, and Michael Milovich. Submitting to the track is a great way to get early feedback as you prepare your work for MISQ Executive

  • Awards and Honors

    MISQE paper is one of three to receive a 2020 AIS Senior Scholars Best Paper Award. Congratulations to authors Rebekah Eden, Andrew Burton Jones, Veronica Casey, and Michael Draheim for their article "Digital Transformation Requires Workforce Transformation" published in the March 2019 issue. This is the fifth time an MISQE paper has received this prestigious award. The previous winners were Mary Lacity for the article "Addressing key challenges to making enterprise Blockchain applications a reality" (September 2018). Oliver Muller, Stefan Debortoli, Iris Junglas, and Jan vom Brocke in 2017 for their article “Using Text Analytics to Derive Customer Service Management Benefits from Unstructured Data” (December 2016). Gabriele Piccoli and Myle Ott in 2015 for their article “Impact of Mobility and Timing on User-generated Content” (September 2014) and Dorothy Leidner and Jane Mackay in 2007 for their article “How Incoming CIOs Transition into Their New Jobs” (January 2006). The awards were established by the Senior Scholars of AIS in 2006 to recognize the five best papers published in the field of Information Systems in the preceding year.

    Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1 (2021)



    Editors’ Comments
    Gabriele Piccoli


    Guest Editorial: An industry perspective on major post-pandemic issues
    Munir Mandviwalla, Dinesh Desai, Linda Descano, Larry Dignan, Chris Kearns, and Raghu Sankaran


    Message from SIM
    Mark Taylor



    The 2020 SIM IT Issues and Trends Study
    Leon Kappelman, Chris Maurer, Ephraim R. McLean, Kevin Kim, Vess L. Johnson, Mark Snyder, and Russell Torres



    Deciding Whether and How to Deploy Chatbots
    Ryan M. Schuetzler, G. Mark Grimes, Justin Scott Giboney, and Holly K. Rosser


    How Companies Can Benefit from Interlinking External Crowds and Internal Employees
    Volkmar Mrass, Christoph Peters, and Jan Marco Leimeister


    How Orange Achieved Long-Term Adaptability and Value Creation by Proactively Transforming its Business
    Shirish C. Srivastava, Joseph J. Nehme, Alban Luherne, and Bruno Kone


    Insights from the World IT Project Survey of IS Organizational Trends
    Prashant Palvia, Jaideep Ghosh, Tim Jacks, Alexander Serenko, and Aykut Turan