Kritical Works in SL is an inWorld exhibition hosted on Kriti Island on the Second Life (SL) grid, curated by Wanderingfictions Story, my virtual counterpart, and includes work by ten international artists produced in and for SL. The project was launched at ISEA2008 in Singapore. The artists invited to contribute to Kritical Works in SL were selected because they were already exploring the SL platform in some way in their creative practice. Many of the contributors were already well known within SL for their virtual arts practice through their virtual personas and avatars. Under the theme of Reality Jam, the work produced explored the relationship between the virtual and the real within the SL environment. This is the discursive space, described by Jones as the struggle between the real and the virtual, 'that makes virtual reality and virtual worlds so compelling to the contemporary imagination' (2006: 15). This paper will reflect upon the challenges and opportunities of inWorld spaces for creative practice, the role of the virtual artist, and how new virtual practices and virtual relationships are transforming creative opportunities in online and virtual worlds.