The diffusion of the process approach led to the introduction of a process concept into the information system definition ; it has a positive influence on both the management and behaviour of these systems within any organisation. The Hospital Information System is inserted in the “hospital” in continual evolution; it is able, per rules and procedures, to gather data, evaluate, treat and to distribute information containing a strong added value to all the internal/external partners of the establishment, collaborating in a common work directed towards a specific goal which is related to the treatment of a patient case, our project aim to relate the first aspect which is the process approach to the second one which is the hospital information system under the objective of having a system which communicate to the continuous improvement. Quality improvement consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead to measurable improvement in health care services and the health status of targeted patient groups. Through this paper we are aiming to present the methodology we have defined and the work steps that we have taken to reach the main objectives of our project, then we will present the conceptual approach allowing to apply the principles of quality improvement in hospitals in a continuous way.