The digital transformation of the railway communication network operations is contributing to an increase in data volumes across various functional areas, collecting and processing information from equipment, customers, and the company's various business process management systems. The implementation of a specialized solution for analysis and operational monitoring was a logical extension of the development of data handling, opening up opportunities for building both operational reporting and predictive analytics, distribution and unification of reporting forms, which the reporting in production systems and manual analytics generation tools used before did not allow to achieve. In this paper, we propose to use a digital framework based on open-source big data technologies with different distributed services to process and store KPIs data from Railway Communication Network. We also review literature about challenges and solutions of Data Lake in KPI's Railway Communications Network domain. To assess the applicability of the framework proposed, incidents and event data relating to the production business processes have been tested on the actual railway communication network. The suggested framework effectively processed the data and the implementation setup settings were presented, as well as the results of experiments.