With its promise to help leaders better understand and optimize their workforce, People Analytics is attracting increasing attention in Human Resource (HR) Management and has been recently defined as one of the top 10 HR technology disruptions that could transform the way we work and manage organizations. Despite this optimism, and the growing market in People Analytics tools and services, recent literature reviews show that it has been largely unexplored as a research topic, and it is little understood beyond HR innovators. We are currently analyzing social media, and the ‘grey literature’ it points to, to obtain insights into how scholars, business innovators, and HR are talking about the benefits and opportunities of People Analytics and the key sources of knowledge or evidence guiding this narrative. The provisional results reported here illustrate how we analyzed relevant Tweets with reference to an existing framework for classifying PA benefits for different HRM practices. This analysis, and our broader scoping review, aim to provide new insights for HR practitioners and academic researchers.