Sourcing of services related to development of information systems calls for a set of specific skills among all parties involved. To cater the needs for managing geographically distributed, sourced projects, a business model with an intermediary company has emerged to facilitate the co-operation between a client’s local (in-house) and external (outsourced) resources. This paper explores the skills of a group of so-called ‘Delivery Managers’, where practice shows a growing need for other skills than the traditional system development related programming competences such as project planning, diagramming and testing. By applying the concepts of soft and hard skills, inspired by contemporary discourse on the 4.0 Indus- trial Revolution, the paper contributes to theory by a model classifying the soft skills that are in need and to emphasize the importance of communicative skills, team building, and time management skills as well as emotional intelligence in the context of distributed environment across time, space, and cultures.