The evolution from a Goods-dominant logic (GD-logic) into a Service-dominant logic (SD-logic) is marked by fundamental changes in how we leverage resources for innovation. The current paper offers a review of service-dominant logic (SD-logic) resources within the field of Information Systems (IS). It uses a scoping review method of papers from the senior scholars’ basket of journals and the two flagship IS conferences: ECIS and ICIS. The review is focused on examining the theoretical and empirical applications of SD-logic in order to develop a basic conceptual classification of resources within IS that contributes into understanding service innovation in market and society. Four main conceptualizations of resources were identified in the reviewed papers of which only two embrace resources as conceptualized in SD-logic. Also, the review suggests that the field of IS does not seem to have yet maturely embraced SD-logic and has not sufficiently made its way into dominant journals and conferences with the field.