This paper reports a systematic literature review that explores challenges related to information security practices in organizations and the ways these challenges are managed to avoid security breaches. We focused on empirical evidence from extant research studies and identified four general challenges re-lated to: (1) security rules and procedures, (2) individual and personal risks, (3) culture and security awareness, and (4) organizational and power relations. To manage these risks, nine measures were prominent in the selected studies. Training and organizational collaboration across the hierarchical levels were widely used to enhance the security culture. In addition, awareness campaigns for the work-force, as well as continuously measuring and improving security initiatives were highly recommended. Our literature review points to the socio-technical aspects of information security. Although many or-ganizations have both administrative and technical infrastructures in place, they must also think about employee attitudes, knowledge, and behavior. Information systems research towards this direction needs to be further developed. More qualitative studies are needed for exploring how to develop a cul-ture of security awareness and for gaining insights on how security rules and training courses can become more appealing and accessible.