Information systems play a critical role in supporting complex processes in modern organizations Nevertheless, organizations are constantly evolving due to external and internal pressures like regulatory developments, business evolution help organizations, and cost containment. It follows that organizational information systems must be agile in order to be aligned with organizations strategies and help organizations manage continuous change and overcoming problems induced by the pressures of their continuously changing environment. Therefore, agile information systems are a critical resource that modern organizations must govern in order to use it effectively. Many authors have noted in recent years that information systems urbanization is one of the most promising approaches to building agile information systems. The governance of urbanized information systems is a complex activity that requires important resources and a deep understanding of the nature of information systems. In particular, to be effective, urbanized information systems governance requires three types of resources: informational resources, software tools managing informational resources, and human resources using these resources to carry out the urbanized information systems governance activities. The applications cartography repository is among the most important informational resources of urbanized information systems governance. In this paper, we propose framework of applications cartography repository which takes into account both the structural and dynamic of information systems urbanization.