Internet is a dynamic corpus, a huge digital library of authentic material which is of particular im- portance to language teaching. In the modern pedagogical framework, language teaching is based on the genre-based approach and on the teaching of language to its authentic use. Viewing the Web as a corpus for the purposes of language teaching and due to the difficulty on selecting suitable texts with specific grammatical information from the Web, this paper presents the development life cycle phases of the system diaKeimenou. The literature review showed the research gap in relation to the ways of searching and finding a suitable text for use in the language teaching according to specific linguistic characteristics associated with the teaching objectives. The computational tool by the name diaKeimenou which is presented in this paper aims to fill this gap and help the teacher to evaluate text’s suitability given the specified learning objectives without much effort and time. The results from the usability evaluation show that the tool diaKeimenou is useful and easy to use.