This paper explores the influence of mobile marketing tools in the consumer decision-making process. The aim is to provide a better understanding of consumer mobile shopping behaviour. There is limited research on this topic, which mainly explains the use of qualitative method in this study. The dining industry in Lebanon provides the respective service and geographic research contexts for this exploratory study. In-depth interviews conducted with a purposive sample of service providers and consumer opinion leaders. Their views were contrasted. The results show that there is limited use of the traditional mobile marketing tools and a shift from traditional mobile tools to modern or more trendy ones was noticed (e.g., Push Notifications instead of SMS). Moreover, it is found that mobile tools influence consumer shopping differently and their effect varies given the customer type. The decision-making process of loyal customers and influencers is more affected by mobile marketing tools than the regular or ordinary customers. In addition, in some cases mobile marketing may speed up the shopping process and may encourage impulse purchases. Marketers should be aware of the different mobile tools and know how and when to use them to develop effective targeting campaigns.