Business Process Modeling has become a common activity in organisations. However, as the number of process models increases, so too does the number of duplicated models increase and the level of process model reuse has been found to be surprisingly low. In organisations which operate in an environment with multiple channels, products and customer types, complete process model reuse becomes especially challenging. Without a well-defined approach, such an environment could easily result in dozens of slight variations of what is essentially the same process which will lead to future model and repository management challenges. In response to this problem this paper reviews the literature of complete business process reuse in a multi-channel / multi-product environment. We find that there is a clear gap in the literature in terms of practical solutions that address the problem described but were able to distil five practices that can increase complete model reuse. This review and the practices described will help practitioners grappling with these challenges and paves the way for further needed research on this problem.