User acceptance research has been one of the most prominent topics in the field of information systems. The phenomenon has been researched for many digital technologies in various contexts. This study will focus on user acceptance of digitally-embedded Transport Network Companies (TNCs) in China. The sheer size and uniqueness of the Chinese mobile economy fostered rapid development of sharing economy firms. The state of the art UTAUT2 model has been used in this research with an explanatory purpose and deductive approach to explain the user acceptance of TNC in China. Each of the individual factors of UTAUT2 have been individually tested with Simple Linear Regression to determine their influence on user acceptance. These calculations were executed upon quantitative data from an electronically distributed survey. The finding provides insights of user acceptance of mobile digital technologies. Upon analysis of the findings, research and practical implications have been drawn. For example, the findings provide guidance to the emerging market of TNC by providing managerial recommendations for how TNCs can raise user acceptance and market share.