Today’s students often have to interact with a lot of information and content, more precisely declarative knowledge, whereas their studying technique often is simple repetition and retention. To facilitate the process of learning the approach of this article is to suggest a novel paradigm of e-learning IS that rely on old memorization strategies. These strategies are based on the mechanism of mental associations like imagery, phonetic similarity or spatial imagination and will be applicable to a vast amount of subjects. In this extended abstract, we describe a mnemonic concept that is meant to encourage further research in mnemonic e-learning. This concept relies on the Method of Loci in combination with a head-mounted display. Due to its highly immersive character, we theorise that a head-mounted display is more appropriate to apply the virtual Method of Loci (vMOL) than a casual desktop display. The application of the vMOL with the help of a desktop display had been analysed in earlier studies. These studies indicated a high potential of the application of a vMOL.