There are a growing number of Enterprise Systems based courses on offer in Universities, these courses have become a core part of teaching in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). However, competency building focusing on the Business Process Analyst (BPA) role within Enterprise Systems are a very new area with a high level of potential. The BPA is charged with discovering, validating and documenting organizational business processes. The BPA, through Business Process Management enables organizations to remain relevant in today’s competitive world. In addition to this, understanding the business processes of an organization is an important aspect of success of an Enterprise Systems implementation. The study argues that developing contexts have not attempted to determine the interventions and interactions that can develop BPA competencies required by organizations with Enterprise systems. This is a comparative study of two contexts in sub-Saharan Africa that is, South Africa and Kenya. The study analyses competency requirements from industry with the aim of developing pedagogical and curriculum changes in HEI.