The research developed by the academic research group wants to focus on the internal dimension of CSR, and specifically on Human Resource Management. It is important emphasize that CSR means going beyond the requirements of law. Following this point of view, the relations between professional life and personal life influence particularly how the employees feel and live their company daily. This is the area of Work Life Balance; so, the objective of the research paper is to analyze - through the lens of CSR - the relationship between Work Life Balance and ICT; infact the WLB practices could contribute positively to performance, making the organization more attractive for internal business stakeholders (employee). The followed approach uses a case study methodology, in which the first part of the paper is dedicated to theoretical framework, regarding the main literature on CSR and its interconnections with the reconciliation of work and family life. Successively the analysis on Family Audit Process, like a best practice used by a Large Company of Italian far east and then considerations and reflections.