This study contributes to investigate about the factors that can amplify the adoption rate of a given technology, by analyzing the background culture. This research investigates the acceptance of NFC enabled mobile devices through both a technological and cultural lenses. Moreover, the research focuses specifically on the case of India, a country that in spite of its evolution and differences, today has strong common roots, which makes it an ideal choice for any study related to culture. While ‘Power distance’ was found to fasten the acceptance of NFC enabled mobile devices, ‘Collectivism’ and ‘Uncertainty Avoidance’ did not result in any correlation with the attitude towards this new technology. This was mainly due to hierarchical nature of the Indian society, which creates a culture of competition between the people and encourages people to distinguish themselves from others. The show of status and wealth is prominent in the society and people are willing to purchase and invest in the latest and fashionable devices and technologies.