Mobile games are considered as one of the emerging mobile services in recent years and mobile gaming is the fastest and most popular service among the innovations in mobile and network technologies. The mobile game market value is increasing remarkably and the number of players is rapidly growing. For this reason, the acceptance factors of mobile games can be considered as an important research problem. In this paper, we attempt to investigate the factors influencing the usage and acceptance of mobile games, based on the extended version of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to give directions to mobile game service providers on how to design their products in order to increase acceptance of their games. Data are collected by an online survey consisting of 34 questions from 112 participants. After applying the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) to eliminate insignificant data, the remaining data are analyzed and evaluated by using the structural equation modeling (SEM). The statistical results show that Use Context, Flow Experience, Perceived Enjoyment, and Perceived Convenience have a direct effect on intention to play mobile games