Customer Perceptions of Technology-Based Banking Service Quality Provided by Banks Operating in Yemen


Technology-based banking services (TBBS) are quickly expanding and provide cost reductions per transaction, given increasing labor costs. However, TBBS can be very costly if not introduced correctly. It is critical to have a clear understanding regarding how to best implement, manage, and promote TBBS for success. The purpose of this quantitative correlational descriptive research study was to determine if a set of technology-based banking service quality dimensions had an association with customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions toward TBBS in Yemen. Findings revealed evidence that seven service quality dimensions—functionality, enjoyment, security, assurance, design, convenience, and customization—suggested by Lin and Hsieh (2006) were significantly associated with customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions toward TBBS in Yemen (N = 465, p < .05). The findings contained descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to describe service quality dimensions and predict customer perceptions of TBBS. The study includes a recommendation that bank leaders focus on service enjoyment and customization to enhance customers’ experience using TBBS. Additional research venues were discussed to improve self-service technologies within the banking industry in Yemen.

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