Green Engineering Caffe


We began to be "always connected" with introduction of global information and communication systems. In Europe and the world these systems are representatives of 2G and 3G systems with all evolution phases toward 4G systems. Except the mobile communications systems (e.g., digital cellular systems), there is a number of PCS, mobile data and WLAN standards and products that can be classified as, e.g., 2G wireless systems. The complexity of all these networks requires a careful holistic design, especially related to bandwidth and energy efficiency, which finally result in energy consumption efficiency. The same holistic design applies to all areas of engineering, which in the case of having the common goal of "greening the Earth", could be called green engineering.

This was exactly the reasoning for foundation of "Green Engineering Society", with the main mission for opening the field of possibilities for creative design of "green systems" and thus to contribute to global eco-engineering design. During the Green Engineering Caffe we expect the original contributions, of conceptual and operational relevance, addressing open issues of the research agenda on a green sustainable economy worldwide, with a view to the specificity of the South-Eastern European region.

Green Engineering Caffe will offer opportunities for networking in the field of green engineering, with the especial attention to enhance the strategy of "Green Engineering Society".

The selected papers on the "green" topic will be invited for publication in Journal of Green Engineering.

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