Virtual Reality Internet Retailing: Experimental Examination of Interactive Shopping Interface – Store Atmosphere Effects on User-Consumer Behaviour


The objective of the present dissertation research is to explore 3-Dimensional Environments as a new retailing channel. The expected contribution will be firstly to provide evidence regarding causal relationships between Virtual Reality Retailing Store Atmosphere (VRRSA) components and Consumer Behaviour. Second, to develop a classification scheme of store layout in the context of 3D Retailing similar to the established research practice in conventional and 2D e-tailing. This classification serves as an initial starting point for future research initiatives that will test cause-and-effect relationships (layout effects on consumer-user behaviour) in order to provide guidelines as far as the suitability of each layout type per sector is concerned (layout personalization-customization is not applicable in 3D retail stores with social presence). There is a great research interest on this new environment and is important to identify the components that constitute this environment and consumers’ habits in relation to the others retailing channels (traditional, Online 2D).

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