Influencing Human Behavior Through Green Information Systems


Information technology is increasingly important for organizing information pertaining different aspects of human life. For example, in the past it was not common to monitor and store energy consumption data systematically, except for the utilities company. But the growing concerns about climate change and energy shortage triggered a recent interest in organizing this type of information and making it useful for consumers. Organizations, individuals, and communities benefit with this information because it helps them make decisions that contribute to a better environment, while saving money at the same time. Green information systems is a newly created avenue of research within the field of information systems that addresses the design and implementation of information systems that contribute to more sustainable business processes. The research project here presented explores the directions of research that have been laid by this area and further examines the possible contributions of persuasive technology to the development of green information systems that effectively influence its user’s behavior. Furthermore, it intends to investigate the relationship between features of these information systems and individuals’ pro-environmental behavior.

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