Research shows that trust has a direct bearing on information systems usage patterns in a variety of contexts. Discussing the context of Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) training, this study suggests placing trust in a more background role as the facilitator. According to the view suggested, user involvement through learning is a key reason why employees after training decide voluntarily to continue using an information system, with trust facilitating the conditions that boost this learning.The relationship between trust and involvement through learning has not been previously studied, and the results open a new perspective on how trust operates. Theory is suggested why this should be the case. Data collected from a newly installed KMS show that when users’ involvement through learning is not included in the model, trust does directly affect continued use, but when involvement through learning is included in the model as a mediator between trust and continued use then trust does not directly affect continued use. Implications about the role of trust in systems implementation and especially in creating user involvement through learning are discussed.