The information system is strongly sensitive to strategic evolutions of the enterprise: organisational change, change of objectives, modified variety, new objects and business processes, etc. With the objective to control strategic alignment of information systems, we propose an approach based on our extended enterprise meta-model ISO/DSI 19440. This extension is borrowed from the COBIT framework for IT processes. In order to better lead evolutions of the information system, this extension integrates necessary structures for developing systemic tools, based on a structural paradigm. In this work we propose to build an extension of the meta-model ISO 19440, so that we can explicitly bring the issue of alignment of various aspects of the information system. The strengths of the strategic alignment are interactions and couplings between different views of the meta-model: the interaction between activities and resources, the linkage between business processes and activities, the resource interdependence of entities and objects of the enterprise, the coupling between the capabilities and resources, etc. We propose to use the COBIT best practices for driving IT processes. Thus we add the abstract concept "objective" which will be specialized. We will also add a specialization of functional entity to model IT processes. In this work, we also offer a variety of algebraic structures to establish structural measures on the information system. For each class of structure we define its role and contribution to the governance of the information system.