Models of innovation take a number of forms, each of which is helpful in highlighting particular aspects and enabling better understanding and practice. There are some models are designed for public organizations in the literature. However, they are not appropriate for Turkish public organizations because dynamics of the innovation process such as drivers, sources, and barriers show significant differences among different regions. In addition, in Turkey, no comprehensive technological innovation model has emerged for public organizations. The research study attempts to address this gap through the development of a new technological innovation model for Turkish public sector. Ongoing innovation projects that are performed by public organizations are analyzed to identify technological innovation process. In the scope of the study total twenty public organizations; all of the ministries and pioneer public organizations that perform technological innovation projects are analyzed. Case study is used as a research strategy and interviews, documentation, and observations are used as data collection methods. In accordance with the findings achieved by the analysis, technological innovation process is identified. Moreover stakeholders of the process, inputs and outputs of the process are identified. The results of the study will light the way for innovation projects and enable successful management of innovation process in public organizations.