The development of an IS for an organization is a project of a strategic nature. The development process is a time-consuming and special budgeted project that follows the six stages of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Integrating security within the SDLC is a very important issue. The security of an IS is designed at the very early stages of its development. A security object that is nowadays a must is the Disaster Recovery Plan. Security questions like “Is the Information System Security an issue that has to be a matter of concern for the organization from the start of Information System development?” and “At which stage of its development does an Information System begin to be at risk ?” concern both the organizations and the developers. This paper proposes the enhancement of the SDLC stages in order to reduce the risks from the start of a development, by integrating the development of the Disaster Recovery Plan into the SDLC process. Details are given on how to achieve this, as well as the reasons and the benefits to the organization and to the manufacturer.