Highlight Electric Industries is a French multinational whose core business involves the design and assembly of industrial equipment. The firm's General Management has noticed that productivity reserves still exist within its purchasing management function. External growth had enhanced this potential throughout Highlight Electric's different expansion phases. The company has therefore decided to invest in an e-sourcing project. This case study describes this project witch has been inspired from a real one and shows how an electronic marketplace has been designed to reach all the objectives. This case study takes four hours to be solved by post graduate management students. They may be organized in groups of 4 and the instructor can go from one group to another to help them progress, according to their capacities, in answering the 10 questions. A PowerPoint presentation and a teaching note is provided to help in the animation of the case witch has been tested and optimized in three different accredited management schools before it's publication. It's ideal to illustrate purchasing management evolution and information systems management. It also depicts strategic, organizational, financial and human resources issues.