Public administrations have long been criticized for their bureaucratic and pyramidal model which could justify their inaction, partitioning and their rigid functional mode toward their environment. The advent of ICTs precipitated by the Information Economy triggered a boost within these organizations to openness, flexibility and revising their methodology of work. Tunisian Administration has not escaped this trend, the case mentioned in this article illustrates this desire to mobilize the intellectual capital available within its structures and those of its partners. A collaborative platform project‘s implementation is initiated as Computer supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) to structure Environmental scanning activity. The implicit idea behind is that technology will act as —button press“ to run the system without calling into question the existing one. But sensemaking triggered by uncertainty and ambiguity of environmental information is essentially a creative process that could generate knowledge only under favourable structuring conditions and culture. Given the complexity of such human intelligence based system, and the importance of organizational and structural dimensions of the solution, a repository of diagnosis was deemed necessary to identify obstacles that might emerge especially at the baiting phase. Our contribution through this article is at two levels: the definition of a conceptual framework integrating ES and CSCW for better links between creativity and innovation and the proposal of a repository of diagnosis for practitioners. Our aim is to propose at the end of this ongoing longitudinal study recommendations for consulting teams intervening within Tunisian administration context in the field of information system mainly Environmental Scanning System (ESS).These recommendations are intended to draw their attention to the impact of the neglect of organizational and structural dimensions and to help design the systems‘ specifications to ensure a good articulation between creativity and innovation.