Recently, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) approaches have been proposed for supporting the development, maintenance and evolution of software systems. Model driven architecture (MDA) from OMG (Object Management Group), “Software Factories” from Microsoft and the Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) from IBM are among the most representative MDE approaches. Nowadays, it is well recognized that model transformations are at the heart of these approaches and represent as a consequence one of the most important operations in MDE. However, despite the multitude of model transformation languages proposals emerging from university and industry, these transformations are often created manually. In this paper we present in the first part our previous works towards automation of the transformation process in the context of MDA. It consists on an extended architecture which introduces mapping and matching as first class entities in the transformation process, represented by models and metamodels. Our architecture is enforced by a methodology which details the different steps leading to a semi-automatic transformation process. In the second part, we propose the illustration of the architecture and methodology to the main case of transforming a PIM into PSM.