This research explores an alternative interpretation of the concept of co-alignment in the field of Information Systems (IS) and corporate strategy. While both the traditional research and practitioners have an axiomatic conclusion about the fact that the co-alignment between IS strategy and structure and the corporate strategy is a necessary condition for all the enterprises that aim to perform, we show in this study that the more the firms strategy is consider as prospector, the less the co-alignment impacts on their performance. We obtain our results by testing the model developed by Croteau, Bergeron and Raymond (2001) using Amos 7 and SPSS 14 and a database of almost 1500 firms. We interpret them according the concept of Order and Disorder introduced by Edgar Morin in his Method. This provides a alternative approach since it supposes that it is not the co-alignment itself, which is a performance factor for prospective firms, but rather their ability to mediate between alignment and non-alignment and between their strategy and their structure.