The failures in the implementation and use of computer systems are due in numerous studies to a bad comprehension of the needs that these systems attempt to answer. The consequences of this misunderstanding can be critical and needs huge efforts to deal with the situation. So, it is necessary to define methods, technologies and tools to clarify, validate and represent needs relative to the systems on appropriate and structured manner. In this article, we will summarize main characteristics of different requirement modeling approaches such us I star, EKD, KAOS…therefore we choose MAP as the most adequate modeling approach. And we propose a model based on MAP in the Shipping domain. Indeed, our choice of the model Map approach has been based on a comparison of different characteristics and contributions of t e MAP compared to other models. In addition to that we choose the field of shipping, because of the abundance of stakeholders and activities (business process), to present needs in map model. A concrete model of the shipping import service allows us to on the alignment between organizational and operational sight of a company. This rapprochement is fundamental to ensure dynamism imposed to all system to be update facing a rapid and continuous evolution.