We define in this paper how the causality between the use of technology of Intelligent Agents and the perception on the users arises and how information systems literature has already investigated this causal coherence. The aim of this article is to study the impact of use of intelligent agent technology on individual perception. To respond to this question we have tried to research for the relationship between the needs of this technology and the intensity of its usage. To examine this relationship, we have based our study to use the model of Task-Technology Fit (Goodhue & Thompson, 1995). To have data about intelligent agent users, we have mailed a survey to 750 companies of different sectors in France. This survey was oriented to diverse users (directors, designers, analysts…). We have received 155 responses that were found to be completed, and sound for use. A quantitative method can be used to process these data and conclude positive results. Among this study, we have tried to show the use of Intelligent Agents and their business applications. We indicate that the positive effect of task, technology characteristics on task-technology fit (TTF) constructs can be empirically attested, that these results are valid and reliable and how these findings affect the specific application domain.