Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS)


Every information systems professional has a role to play in security. Analysts must consider security in their analyses and designs; programmers think through logic flaws that create vulnerabilities; and database managers need to provide appropriate access without exposing sensitive information to bad actors. Other disciplines also recognize the importance of employees having a respect for security and a broad understanding of concepts that enable it. Universities prepare students for careers across different domains; and the increasingly important formation of security knowledge falls to IS faculty. This study first examines relevant job postings to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities most sought after by employers; then uses those results in a content analysis of current information security textbooks to indicate the degree to which employer-demanded concepts are covered in university-deployed teaching materials. The overall results of this study found that coverage of terms associated with security knowledge areas demanded by the marketplace is mixed among six leading textbooks, ranging from near complete coverage to just over half of the topics.




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