Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS)


While knowledge management (KM) is becoming an established discipline with many applications and techniques, its adoption in healthcare has been challenging. It facilitates the creation, identification, acquisition, development, preservation, dissemination, and finally utilization of various facets of a healthcare enterprise’s knowledge assets. Knowledge identification and preservation are two facets of knowledge capitalization’s operations. Knowledge cartography is used nowadays as a tool for knowledge identification, sharing, and decision support. In this paper, we propose a Know-How and Knowing-That cartography for Healthcare Information System (HIS) and clinical decision support in the context of the organization of protection of the motor disabled children of Sfax-Tunisia (ASHMS). In fact, this cartography enables decision makers with general and detailed visibility of Know-How and Knowing-That mobilized in the ASHMS. It also facilitates clinical decision support by proposing the most appropriate alternatives for the continued treatment (or cessation) of each motor disabled child receiving treatment.