Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Developers aim at providing value through their systems and products. However, value is not financial only, but depends on usage and users’ perceptions of value. In this paper, we clarify the concept of value from the users’ perspective and the role of user involvement in providing value. First, theories and approaches of psychology, marketing and human-computer interaction are reviewed. Secondly, the concept of ‘user values’ is suggested to clarify the concept of value from the user’s point of view and a category framework of user values is presented to make them more concrete and easier to identify. Thirdly, the activities and methods for adopting user values in development work are discussed. The analysis of the literature shows that value has been considered in multiple ways in development. However, users’ perspectives have received less attention. As a conclusion, we draw future research directions for value-centered design and propose that user involvement is essential in identifying user values, interpreting the practical meaning of the values and implementing them in development work.