Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


We open a new area of discussion in requirements elicitation and we argue that a new category of end-users is emerging: wide-audience end-users (WAEU). We propose that current literature does not acknowledge the elicitation needs of WAEUs. To support our argument, we develop a framework consisting of two dimensions, reach and communication, in order to review the literature. Using this framework, we form a perspective on the state of research in the area, and determine that academia is moving in the right direction in the development of new elicitation methods. However, we argue that at the moment, no one method or technique presents an integrated solution. To fill this gap, we present three studies that enable us to argue that WAEUs are reachable, but that more work is needed in the field. We propose some suggestions on how this could be done, and identify three areas needing further research: selection of the participants, representation of requirements across stakeholders, and integration of risk in selecting the elicitation method.