Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


This research involves two phases. In the first phase, 339 “.com.tw” and 15 major ISP sites located in Taiwan were examined, in order to draw a picture of the status of Web-site privacy disclosures. The results showed that most of them failed to meet the requirements of the Fair Information Practices. More than 80% of them did not show their privacy policies, and more than 30% failed to provide any statements regarding information privacy practices. Less than 10% of the Web sites explained how privacy concerns might be satisfied and what channels might be utilized for complaint. Over 80% did not display security or privacy seals. Among the Web sites collecting personal ID numbers, credit card numbers and birth dates, only 20% declared their privacy policies. The findings indicate that in comparison to the U.S., the importance of privacy disclosures has not been widely recognized in Taiwan. Sequentially, in the second phase, this study conducted in-depth interviews with the Web-site managers to reveal the possible disclosure determinants. Besides, the possible cultural impacts on Taiwan Web-site privacy practices have been discussed. Finally, some recommendations are given.