Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Although research in knowledge management systems (KMS) has been growing, its instrument development has not been given sufficient attention. In particular, the issue of content validity has rarely been addressed in a systematic manner. Formally demonstrating content validity is an important step in the instrument-development process, and relies on a panel of experts’ judgment to confirm that the items generated are congruent with the constructs. This papers reports on a content validity study for a KMS success model in healthcare. The study procedures involved selecting experts and collecting and analyzing their evaluations. We formed the panel of experts by contacting the participants of a conference on health informatics and the authors of papers related to knowledge management published in major journals. We used Lawshe’s (1975) technique, which uses the computation of content validity ratio (CVR) to screen questionnaire items. This study will help practitioners and researchers in KMS to create valid and reliable measure.