Journal of Information Systems Education


As commerce associated reviews grow in popularity, social media posters, reviewees, and hosting services should be aware of the legal responsibilities associated with such posts. In this teaching case, the authors describe a recent lawsuit brought against a TripAdvisor.com reviewer, providing an opportunity for classroom discussion of these complex legal issues. As the online reviewing of businesses, products, and services increases, and the dependence of consumers on these evaluations concurrently expands, students would benefit from an understanding of the risks and liabilities associated with online reviews for review posters, businesses, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The case can be used in an undergraduate or graduate level management information systems course or as part of a capstone class experience. Suggested assignments include discussion questions regarding defamation, negligence, tortious interference, and disclaimers; an evaluation exercise containing examples of reviews with acceptable and libelous content; and a discussion exercise in which students discuss similar lawsuits.



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