Journal of Information Systems Education


More and more information technology (IT) programs are offering distance learning courses to their students. However, to date, there are a very limited number of published articles in the IT education literature that compare how different methods of delivering distance course relate to undergraduate students’ learning outcomes in IT software programming courses taught by the same instructor. Thus, we conducted a case study to assess the predictive relationships between distance course delivery method (face-to-face, satellite broadcasting, and live video-streaming) and students’ perceived learning performance and satisfaction in IT software programming courses taught by the same instructor. The results suggested that the choice of delivery method was related to students’ satisfaction and programming skill enhancement. However, we did not find a relationship between the delivery method and the students’ perceived learning performance. Specifically, the participants in the face-to-face delivery method group were more likely to feel satisfied with the delivery method than the students using the other two delivery methods (i.e., satellite broadcasting and live video streaming).



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