Journal of Information Systems Education


Many strong forces are converging on information systems academic departments. Among these forces are quality considerations, accreditation, curriculum models, declining/steady student enrollments, and keeping current with respect to emerging technologies and trends. ABET, formerly the Accrediting Board for Engineering and Technology, is at present the only accrediting agency for Information Systems programs. This paper examines the influence of the release of the “IS 2010 Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Systems” on ABET accredited Information Systems programs. It begins with an historical overview of past information systems curriculum development efforts, and then follows with an overview of accreditation, both in higher education in general and of information systems programs in particular. The results of a survey of all ABET accredited Information Systems programs are then reported. The survey focused on two distinct yet interrelated issues that emerged with the release of IS 2010: (1) How does the absence of AITP input into the initial formulation of IS 2010 coupled with the lack of programming as a requirement in IS 2010 affect the attitude of ABET accredited Information Systems programs regarding seeking re-accreditation?; and (2) Does AIS discontinuing their financial support for ABET affect the attitude of ABET accredited Information Systems programs regarding seeking re-accreditation? The paper concludes with an overview of the effect of the release of IS 2010 on reaccreditation decisions of ABET accredited information systems programs.



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