Journal of Information Systems Education


In an effort to encourage the uptake of technology among its academic community, the University of Namibia (UNAM) introduced the Electronic Notes System (ENS) in the year 2010. The ENS was envisaged as a web-based method of distributing lecture notes to students, where the faculty members would upload the teaching materials and the students would download the materials. Although this method was believed to be a practical way of distributing the notes in comparison to the existing method, faculty adoption of the ENS has been rather poor, prompting the eLearning committee to conduct awareness campaigns at the Faculty Board meetings. Discussions at the Faculty Board meetings revealed ethical concerns that prevented faculty from adopting the ENS. Using the discussions from the awareness campaigns as well as results from one-to-one loosely structured interviews with the faculty members in the Computer Science department that participated in those presentations, the paper presents some ethical considerations that may need to be addressed when introducing technologyenhanced learning in similar contexts.



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