Journal of Information Systems Education


Businesses and other organizations are relying increasingly on virtual teams to perform a range of business activities. A key challenge in utilizing virtual teams is to support collaboration among team members who are separated by distance and/or time. In this paper we use a research model based on a combination of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and the Task Technology Fit (TTF) model to examine two approaches to supporting students in collaboratively creating and editing a report for an introductory course in information systems. In our study, one group of students used MS Word with Track Changes turned on combined with emailing the document among students. A second group was provided access to a wiki where they created the report. Results show that students found the Word and email combination more useful and easier to use than the wiki environment in completing the project. Further, there was no perceived difference in the effort of collaboration between the two methods. This study raises questions about the widely held belief that web-based collaboration platforms are superior to emailing documents among collaborators.



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