Journal of Information Systems Education


Both instructors and students dread large introductory courses. IS introductory courses are no exception as they are often too large, the material too dry and the atmosphere too impersonal. This paper describes a unique student-centric curriculum for delivering introductory IS survey courses that keep students interested and engaged while producing high-quality learning outcomes. In the classroom, students experience a relaxed atmosphere created by dimming the lights, playing tropical music, and joining in friendly banter with the professor. At random times game shows are initiated; the winning contestants are rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed in an online-gift catalogue. Outside of class students complete prerequisite exercises at their own pace, submit homework assignments up to three times and take the quizzes according to their own schedule. In designing this curriculum three objectives are met: 1) students enjoy the classroom experience, 2) students have greater control over the learning process, and 3) students master more difficult material. All this is accomplished using a proprietary online classroom management application called Orion. We believe that prerequisite exercises are likely to have a positive impact on student's test scores.



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