Journal of Information Systems Education


Preparing students to be competent in the Information Technology (IT) world is a goal of technology-based departments in colleges and universities. Telecommunications is one part of the IT area in which students need to be prepared. Many colleges and universities teach telecommunications courses at different levels or incorporate telecommunications topics in more than one course. This, along with the challenge of keeping up with an ever-changing information technology environment, provides a challenge to academicians. Seeking input from IT professionals is one way to help keep curricula current. This research is an extension of a 1997 Delphi study dealing with telecommunications course content for a beginning telecommunications course at the college or university level. The 1997 participants were members of the Organizational Systems Research Association (OSRA) and had either taught telecommunications topics and/or researched in the area. The final course content topics and subtopics from the 1997 study served as Round one data for the participants of this 2003 Delphi study. The participants were members of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). This study identifies the common consent (two-thirds of the participants rating the topics/subtopics with a 5 - Definitely Do Include the Topic) and the consensus (all participants rating the topics/subtopics with a 5) course content lists for a telecommunications course taught at the college/university level.



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