Journal of Information Systems Education


The Age of Information and Technology challenges organizations throughout the world to better integrate and implement information technology in order to compete in the world market. Currently, US businesses are experiencing significant problems in information systems development with large software backlogs, a worsening DP/IS personnel shortage, and a lack of reliable methods of producing software. The focus of this paper is on developing more reliable software programs. Effectively integrating software development into the information system development cycle will generate more reliable software by concentrating on the “front-end analysis” stage this cycle. Structured Flowcharting can facilitate the transition from the analysis and design stage of the information system development process (front-end analysis) to the detailed coding and testing stage by identifying and removing errors early in the former stage. This will help alleviate the risk of a major financial loss or massive human inconvenience to the organization. If the bottom line for competition is profit or loss, then the organization can cut its costs and enhance its profitability by building software reliability into its information system development process.



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