Digital technologies are essential in the agricultural industry, and they affect organizational changes. Indeed, they modify the way of working of the agricultural industry, which reviews their rules. Digital technologies transform the agricultural industry, introduce innovative knowledge, and improve business performance. The innovation has new challenges involving agriculture consult- ants and farmers. Furthermore, it introduces new techniques and devices to create value and profitability.

These digital technologies impact the agricultural industry, such as to improve business performance and environmental impacts. Some studies talk about or- ganizational changes in the agricultural industry, but there is not yet a substantial contribution of the literature that proposed to identify the main changes and or- ganizational resistances in the agricultural industry. For this reason, we have de- cided to focus on the organizational changes and resistances resulting from dig- itization in the agricultural industry. The paper aims to show the concepts of smart farming and digital technologies, how the agricultural industry uses them, and their impacts. This paper contributes to a literature review regarding digital technologies in smart farming based on these concepts. We try to identify the main organizational changes and resistances generated using digital technologies. We focus on a theoretical analysis of the changes and resistances caused by dig- italization in the industries and agricultural industries.