Nowadays, the COVID-19 pandemic condition has generated an acceleration of change in public administration. The challenges around the COVID‐19 pandemic have further spurred public organizations into action by increasing their awareness of the need to accelerate digital transformation. The digital revolution in public administration is defined as "e-government". The context of public administration appears to be increasingly complex and requires skills able to better manage the digital transformation under-way. The role of the Human Resources Manager, in this particular historical phase, in which the work is digitalized, is transformed. The figure of the Human Resources Manager (HR Manager) overlaps with that of the Chief Digital Officier (CDO). In recent years, the role of the Chief Digital Officer has emerged and attracted scholars’ attention. However, the role of the CDO is still in its nascent and not well-defined stages, the role means different things for different organizations. On this basis, the main objective of the research is understanding if the HR manager is also a CDO in this historical phase in public organizations; trying to understand if the CDO is going to play the role of change agent in these organizations. This study is based on qualitative analysis.