This study aims to understand the links between neuroscience and culture through a social network analysis. It was conducted a systematic literature review and a bibliometric analysis by using one online database, such as Scopus. A dataset of 78 publications was analyzed through citation and co-citation analysis. Results have shown the existence of a network of the 47 most cited sources and 2 topic clusters: the cluster of the new factors and new technologies to understand and describe the behavior of individuals and groups for the success and the cluster of the factors such as culture, trust, reciprocity, emotions, neural mechanisms, reason, which determine our way of being, our self, our behavior (especially organizational behavior), our choices, our cognitive process, our moral judgment in different situations. This paper contributes to the literature by presenting a comprehensive overview of neuroscience and culture in organization and managerial fields leads to further reflections on the use of information and communication technologies to obtain even more sophisticated and more predictive neuroscientific information of individuals’ behaviors.