The vision of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management’s (P3M) future has to be visible in all its sagacity, complexity, and granularity to be effective. It has to be visible and meaningful to all stakeholders – to align them, to avoid dysfunctional conflicts among them, and for them to shape the future collaboratively, systematically, and systemically. Such visibility will help: (a) translate the vision into reality without distortion, (b) provide a coherent framework to manage uncertainty and change, (c) create a culture leading to excellence, (d) serve as a constant reference for assessment, feedback and learning throughout the P3M lifecycle, and (e) sustain the viability of P3M. We present an ontology to make the vision of P3M’s future visible. The ontology encapsulates the logic of the vision – its many dimensions, layers of elements, and innumerable components. It is parsimonious and can elucidate the vision’s complexity at different levels of granularity.